speed1 [ spid ] noun ***
1. ) count or uncount movement that is very fast:
The main advantage of this bike is its speed.
a ) the rate at which something moves:
speed of: The device measures the speed and direction of the wind.
top speed (=the fastest that something can travel): The new model has a top speed of 125 miles per hour.
pick up/gather speed (=go faster): The hurricane has picked up speed and turned toward the coast.
b ) the rate at which something happens:
They were working with incredible speed.
c ) the rate at which a machine works:
a printing speed of 6 pages per minute
2. ) count a GEAR:
a car with a 5-speed transmission
3. ) count the time it takes for a camera's SHUTTER to open and close to allow light in:
shutter speed
a ) a measurement of how quickly a FILM reacts to the light that comes into a camera
4. ) uncount an illegal drug that makes people feel as if they have a lot of energy: AMPHETAMINE
up to speed
1. ) INFORMAL knowing everything you need to know about something:
up to speed on: The president is being kept up to speed on the situation.
2. ) at the speed or level that is expected
speed 2 [ spid ] (past tense and past participle sped [ sped ] or speed|ed) verb **
1. ) intransitive speed toward/away/through etc. to move quickly:
an endless stream of traffic speeding toward the city
I heard a car speed away.
a ) transitive to take someone somewhere quickly:
speed someone to/across/up etc. something: The train speeds passengers to Paris in just over three hours.
2. ) intransitive to drive a car faster than the fastest speed legally allowed:
Drivers who are caught speeding risk a heavy fine.
3. ) transitive to do something quickly:
Regular exercise will help speed your recovery.
To speed the design process, the workers will be divided into three teams.
,speed `up phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive to move or happen faster:
You see drivers speeding up when they should be slowing down.
2. ) transitive to make something go faster or happen faster:
speed things up: We're hoping the changes will help speed things up.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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